Do you have a vacant property?

We offer a service in which we can take this property off your hands for a 3 year period, our business is consistently looking for properties to take on nationwide as we are expanding.

How does it work?

We take the property off your hands through a company let, this means our business would be your tenant for 3 years, the benefits are:

  • Guaranteed Rent
  • No Voids
  • 3 Years Agreement with options to extend
  • We cover maintenance
  • 12 month break clause, if you are unhappy you can take the keys back with the correct notice.

We have many companies in our reach who will offer a hands off and professional service. 

What do we use the property for?

We have many different uses for properties, depending on the location would change who are target market is. Generally we house corporate clients and working professionals on a short term basis. We do also use online booking agencies to cover any voids.

We have a wide portfolio of properties, so we will take anything from a 1 bed flat to a development block!

What kind of properties would be suitable?

To be brief, any property close to city/town centres and tourist attractions. (Please contact us for more details)